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Operational Planning Engineer
Operational Planning Engineer

Full Time

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El Amreya Free Zone · Alexandria, Egypt


According to experience

Skills & Requirements

- Organized and efficient planner

- Able to use critical thinking to reach solutions to obstacles

- Capable of maximizing time and materials

- Team worker

- Quality and safety oriented

- Knowledge of ERP systems required



- Prepare daily master production plan and monitor progress.

- Submit production forecasts to procurement department for material purchasing.

- Confirm availability of tools, materials and machines before issuing production plan.

- Minimizing time and costs in preparing plans.

- Issue purchase requests and receiving date requirements to procurement department.

- Issue pick lists to warehouse for daily production.

- Distribute production instructions & technical documents for each order.

- Analyze actual materials used vs. planned materials.

- Monitor, analyze, and report production performance derived from control systems.

- Submit production corrective action plans and procedures to achieve company goals.

- Provide work orders and instructions to the production departments.

- Set warehouse inventory management processes to avoid shortages and excesses.

- Issue NOAs to shipping department.

- Actively participate in management's meetings and decision making.

- Prepare a monthly report including (main accomplishments of the month, problems faced, actions taken to solve the problems, any other positive notes, recommendations, etc.).

- Develop and enhance the production process and resources to save time and effort and increase production.

- Delegate tasks when necessary.

- Apply the safety and security procedures.

- Evaluate and review operations and processes efficiency periodically.

- Follow up on production processes.

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